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15 September 2012 @ 01:57 pm
★ Avatar: The Last Airbender : 31
★ Avatar: The Legend of Korra: 69
★ Ayumi Hamasaki : 11
★ Guilty Crown : 17

★ Helter Skelter : 8
★ Madoka Magica : 22
★ Plurk Icons : 2

★ Total: : 160


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10 May 2012 @ 11:36 am
Good Day everyone! I like Erika Sawajiri. I've seen her in 1 litre of Tears and I've liked her since then, she's a very good actress :)

On the 27th, a photo exhibition was held for the Great Tohoku Earthquake charity photobook “LOVE&HOPE”, which will be released on June 1st. The event was held at Omotesando Hills’ “Space Oh”. Hamasaki Ayumi (32), who graces the front cover of the photobook, and Sawajiri Erika (25) were among many in attendance.

The exhibition featured photographs from Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee (40), who took the portraits of beautiful women from 32 countries around the world. Hamasaki walked the venue with Kee and listened attentively as he explained some 200 pictures which feature women such as Lady Gaga (25) and Beyonce (29). Hamasaki met with Sawajiri before leaving and the two smiled and shook hands as Sawajiri nervously introduced herself with “I’m Erika”.

Later, Hamasaki posted a picture of herself, Lesie and Sawajiri on Twitter. She wrote, “Alright! It’s raining in Osaka! This is my real ability (as a rain girl). Going to the 1st day at Jo-hall!!! But before that, please let this cute picture of Erika-chan make you feel better ☆”

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02 May 2011 @ 05:45 pm
Avex Management Group has formally announced on their official website that they have formed a partnership with the private agency of 25-year-old talent, Sawajiri Erika. Avex Group will now be formally managing the young actress in her Japan-based activities.

According to Avex, the partnership was formed with the Japanese branch of Sawajiri's agency - no name was provided.

The contract was signed on April 1st, but future activities for Sawajiri are still being discussed between the two parties. Max Matsuura, president of Avex Group, denies claims that the agency required Sawajiri to divorce her husband, media creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi, before offering her a contract, and also declined further comment when questioned about Sawajiri's impending divorce, claiming "That is a private matter between them."

Sources: Avex Group Official Site, Oricon & TV Asahi
Crossposted to ESN: http://www.erika-sawajiri.net

It has been relatively quiet recently in regards to the Japanese media’s favorite child Sawajiri Erika and here’s an update on her status, we now know that she is healthy and still in Japan.

Influential multi-talent Lasar Ishii (or LaSalle Isshi), recently revealed on his twitter that he and a couple of his friends – including Sawajiri – went to watch some cherry blossoms, aka hanami, at the Sumida River in Tokyo.

He wrote, “Somehow, for some reason, but I don’t know why. I’m together with Erika-sama right now.”

It doesn’t sound like he has been hanging out with her before, or at least not that often, but the next day he tweeted that it turned out to be an amazing get-together.

He wrote, “Yesterday we have been cherry blossom viewing from 10am to noon and continued to drink till 2pm. I can’t really remember everything, hehe. Sawajiri Erika and Shunputei Shota felt like a strange combination, but it truly was a lot of fun going cherry blossom viewing, having some monja and going to the karaoke with them. The food, the location, it was all my choice and it turned out to be a huge success!”

source: tokyohive

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16 March 2011 @ 05:50 pm

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[10] Sawajiri Erika
[07] Yamashita Tomohisa




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11 March 2011 @ 05:10 pm

As we all know, earthquakes and tsunamis hit Japan this morning. yet there are signs of future earthquakes in northern Japan. Many people died and disappeared, fansites made ​​a list of the J-pop artists who were confirmed that are fine. Doesn't have news about Erika and I don't know if she's in Japan or not, a twitter informed me that there is no information about Erika Sawajiri. I just wonder if she's OK, his name was not on the list and can not find news.

Some of you know where she is? If she is fine? Safe? Please comment here if you know something, we are all fans and just want the good of my idol. (:

EDIT: According to Google Person Finder, Sawajiri Erika IS MISSING! There's nothing confirmed yet, but the information I have.

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08 August 2010 @ 02:24 am
(10) Oguri Shun
(8) Seto Koji
(4) Mizushima Hiro
(8) Sawajiri Erika
+ (2) Sato Megumi


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more at jangnae.livejournal.com/965.html
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25 July 2010 @ 12:00 pm

(28) Sawajiri Erika
(12) Goo Hara
(16) Horikita Maki
(12) Erika Toda
(16) Kuroki Meisa


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28 June 2010 @ 12:14 am
[14] Ninomiya Kazunari (Monster -shop photos)
[9] Fukada Kyoko
[9] Aragaki Yui

[8] Sawajiri Erika
[25] Nishino Kana


All HERE @ powderysnow 
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