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14 June 2010 @ 07:47 am
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02 May 2010 @ 11:20 am

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Things are developing fast now that the big divorce issued got revealed on Sunday and it looks like Sawajiri Erika is really going to proceed with the divorce.

Sanspo claims to have verified the divorce rumor with several industry officials. Apparently she already started to bring up the issue back in September in meetings with her old agency Stardust. In total there have been 3 discussions regarding her divorce plans.

Now she won't be able to rely on her husband anymore, but it seems like Matsuura Masato, the president of Avex, would love to help her out after her divorce. Apparently he is fascinated by her talent and already contacted her a while ago to work out a deal. A friend also quoted Erika: "Right now there are no good movies in Japan. I think I'm going to start with music again this year."

Will she really sign a deal with Avex and make a comeback as singer this year? "It's true that we are currently in talks to work out a contract," an Avex official commented on the matter. Avex also owns the mobile TV service "Bee TV" and might look into a mobile dorama for Erika to slowly get back on her feet as an actress as well. However, no details about the upcoming contract and her future actions have been announced yet. Avex also refrained from commenting in the divorce rumors.

By the way, her mother didn't know about her daughter's divorce intentions either. She was shocked when she heard it on Sunday. "I didn't hear about any problems between the two," she said. People close to Erika, however, said that she is going to meet with her lawyer within the next couple of days and discuss the details regarding the divorce.

It's such a confusing situation with a couple of overlapping rumors. Will there really be a divorce? Will it be a peaceful divorce? Will she sign a contract with Avex? D'oh...

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Sources: Sanspo
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26 April 2010 @ 09:13 am
Today the media suddenly started to report about a possible divorce of actress Sawajiri Erika (24) and hypermedia creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi (43).

Of course, there have always been rumors about a divorce due to their age gap and whatnot, but now a comment of Sawajiri on Fuji TV's news/gossip program "Mr. Sunday" supplied a lot of fuel to inflame the rumors yet again.

When asked about the divorce, she surprisingly didn't make a clear comment to deny it, instead she said: "No no no, please, excuse me. I can't talk right now. Ask me another day." What seemed like the comment of a busy woman now serves as evidence for the media that they are approaching a divorce. Takashiro also commented on the 21st that their home looks more like an office with both of them working on their own things, but I guess it's no surprise that both of them are busy with their jobs at the moment, especially Sawajiri.

The media doesn't yet know what could be the cause for a divorce, but their alleged money problems seem to be the biggest reason, at least according to the caster of "Mr. Sunday." The media might be jumping the gun again as usual, but this didn't stop around 20 journalists of starting to camp in front of her apartment again like in good old times.

Neither of them has made a clear comment on this matter yet, but we probably won't have to wait that long. It's hard to concentrate on your comeback with journalists camping in front of your apartment after all.

Written by: www.erika-sawajiri.net
Sources: Nikkan Sports, news24, Rocket News, livedoor
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20 April 2010 @ 09:40 am
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13 April 2010 @ 08:07 am
I got kinda sick of all the wallpapers I found not fitting my laptop's screen resolution, so I made one ^_^ Thought I'd share.

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04 March 2010 @ 11:25 am
Yes, the day has finally come. Today it was announced that Sawajiri Erika finally resumed her work and her first new work will be the commercial for a beauty company.

Her agent in Japan made the announcement to the media a few hours ago. "She created her personal office in Spain and hired agents in several countries. Our goal is to increase her activities gradually." Her new official website is going to start at 5pm on March 16 as well.

This announcement confirms that Erika really was building up new connections when she and her husband returned to Japan at the end of last year. The result of her new connections will be a new commercial for a beauty company that will start airing later this month. It will be a commercial for "Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic" as mentioned in earlier rumors. With this she is going to follow the footsteps of fellow actress Yonekura Ryoko and singer Gackt who used to be two of their recent image characters.

Their commercials are known for showing a lot of skin in an aesthetic way and it won't be any different for Erika. It's said that they used some interesting CG to create a new and original commercial.

A new photo book is planned for a release in April as well. It was shot by a British cameraman and close friend of Takashiro, but it will not contain any kind of nude photographs unlike claimed in other rumors. It will be a purely artistic collection of photographs and a must-have for all fans left.

Her future as an actress isn't looking that bad either. She received a lot of offers in and outside of Japan and currently has 4-5 scripts that she might be interested in. Erika now also has an agent in Los Angeles who is going to select some promising roles for her in the American market. The most interesting fact still is that she's doing all that on her own. With her own office in Spain, she is going to completely produce her herself.

However, fans in Japan might be a bit sad, since she will stay in Madrid most of the time now. Agents in several countries will collect all offers for her and she will only have to chose her personal favorite at her office without having to travel the world to get her the roles.

It's a fresh and fascinating new beginning for Erika. Time will tell whether she learned from her past mistakes and how successful she is really going to be with her own office, but we will definitely hear a lot more from her again.

Happy New Year, Happy 2010 and welcome back, Erika.

Written by: www.erika-sawajiri.net
Sources: Sanspo
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05 February 2010 @ 06:31 pm
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(Fake LJ-Cut)
blood contract [bluhd kon-trakt]

1. a pact made between a vampire and a human.
2. made when the human is on the brink of death.
3. an act in which the human surrenders his or her life to the vampire.
4. sealed by drinking each other's blood.
Vampires; beings that we understand to simply be mythical creatures, when in truth they live amongst us. They live under the same sky as us, and walk upon the same streets as us. They are, ultimately, part of what we define as 'us'. That man, sitting on the stool over there, drinking from a glass bottle of beer? A vampire. That little girl, running excitedly into the sweet shop on the corner of the street? Another vampire. Apart from their need for blood and pale complexions, there is no way to tell a vampire apart from a human. And it is through such a basis that vampires are able to co-exist with human beings.

Jenoah, a small quiet country along the Mediterranean and with a close Italian heritage is home to two of the last remaining vampire clans: The Sangre di Guianni and The Sedientos. With differing views of vampire/human relations and years of bad blood between them, unrest is beginning to rock the quiet land.

Will you side with the Guianni? Work toward a peaceful coexistence between human and vampire kind, sticking to the shadows? Or will you side with the Sedientos, working toward rebuilding the prestige vampire kind once held. Humans and dhampirs are caught in the middle.

Who will you be?

Erika is still currently available! :)
At least we know she ain't goin' down without a fight.

Yesterday Sawajiri Erika is said to have received Stardust's formal notice about the cancellation of her contract. Both sides called in their lawyers to deal with this matter and have been in heated discussions since then.

People expected to finally get a conclusion after that day, but apparently there's still a strong resistance against the cancellation from Erika's side. We shouldn't expect her to be able to save her contract, but at least she should be able to get the most out of it. After all we don't know of any solid reasons for Stardust's sudden decision to give her the sack. However, it's said that her attitude towards this matter is slowly softening, so it shouldn't take that much longer until a final decision and an official announcement.

Erika currently still has a contract with Sony Music Entertainment/STUDIOSEVEN Recordings for her music career, but Sony commented that they are going to wait until Stardust's official announcement before making any decisions themselves. It seems like they don't know the actual reasons either. Sony is likely going to cancel her contract as soon as Stardust makes it official, so it doesn't look that bright on this side either.

Meanwhile, reporters have been camping in front of the apartment of Erika's mom. They often tried to get some kind of response through the intercom, but with no success so far. She's been spotted at her home just before the news got public and during the evening they turned on the light in the apartment, proof that somebody has to be in there. At the same time there are a voices saying that she's staying at different places across the city to avoid the reporters.

The movie "Space Battleship Yamato" is now also delayed. Production was supposed to start this weekend already, but they had to postpone until sometime in October. There's still no official announcement about a possible replacement or whether she's still going to get the role after all, though rumours point towards Kuroki Meisa having received a tentative offer for the role of Mora Yuki last week. Thus people are speculating that they might have to postpone the movie even further.

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