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20 April 2011 @ 04:46 pm
Sawajiri Erika enjoys a hanami with Lasar Ishii  

It has been relatively quiet recently in regards to the Japanese media’s favorite child Sawajiri Erika and here’s an update on her status, we now know that she is healthy and still in Japan.

Influential multi-talent Lasar Ishii (or LaSalle Isshi), recently revealed on his twitter that he and a couple of his friends – including Sawajiri – went to watch some cherry blossoms, aka hanami, at the Sumida River in Tokyo.

He wrote, “Somehow, for some reason, but I don’t know why. I’m together with Erika-sama right now.”

It doesn’t sound like he has been hanging out with her before, or at least not that often, but the next day he tweeted that it turned out to be an amazing get-together.

He wrote, “Yesterday we have been cherry blossom viewing from 10am to noon and continued to drink till 2pm. I can’t really remember everything, hehe. Sawajiri Erika and Shunputei Shota felt like a strange combination, but it truly was a lot of fun going cherry blossom viewing, having some monja and going to the karaoke with them. The food, the location, it was all my choice and it turned out to be a huge success!”

source: tokyohive

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